Melanie Johnson leaves her hometown with her family for a new start in LA. Never having a boyfriend and trying to adjust to the fast life, her move is one adventure she never thought of.

Forever: A Mindless Behavior Fanfiction
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Chapter 3: The Anticipation

Chapter 3:

I woke up to an alarm clock on my phone the next morning, and got pissed because my bed was heaven and I’d been sleeping like an angel. I searched around the covers to find the phone, and finally found it under my pillow. I rubbed my eyes, kind of dozing back into sleep but I finally got up and went to my bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After that I went downstairs to find my mother cooking breakfast. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug.

“goodmorning mom.”

“Morning baby. How are you feeling?” She asked me.

“Still tired. That bed was so comfortable. I didn’t wanna get out of it for anything.”

My mom laughed.

“whatcha cooking?” I asked her, as my stomach started to growl.

“Just some eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Wanted your guy’s first day of school to be a good one.”

“Aw thanks mama.” I said to her.

“Anything for my babies, hun.”

“Yeah but remember I’m not a baby anymore.” I laughed.

 I sat down at the dining room table and started rambling through my phone. Looking at Mea and Shavon’s names in my call history reminded me of our talk last night about me meeting Ray Ray.


 “Melanie you have no idea how lucky you are. You know Ray Ray is interested in you! Damn, can we seriously switch places?” Mea said through the phone.

I giggled. “I’ll admit, so far this place isn’t that bad.”

“Of course it isn’t. I know Georgia is life for you, but I’m glad that you are really giving this a try.” Shavon said to me.

End of Flashback

Ethan came downstairs and told my mom good morning as well. He looked at me strange and then sat down at the table too.

“What’s your problem?” I asked him. I was confused. I was wondering why he looked at me that way.

“Nothing Melanie…It is 6:30 right now. You really thinking I’m gonna be all happy and stuff when I just woke up?”

“someone’s cranky,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

5 minutes later Lila walked into the kitchen with her little robe on and her baby alive snuggled against her chest.

“Hi mommy,” She said first.

“Hey sweety,” my mom said back to her. “are you ready for school today?”

“Yes I am, mom. I’m ready to make some friends.” I smiled at her, her positivity about life always motivated me to be the same way.

My stomach was turning flips about going to this school. After my mom finished cooking breakfast we all fixed our plates and sat down to eat. I ate quickly; for one I was extremely hungry and two, my nerves were getting to me. I had butterflies about being around a lot of new people. As I was drinking some juice, Lila began to be that annoying little sister she’s been since forever.

“Mom, guess what?” She said with a grin on her face.

“Yeah Lila..” my mom said to her as she was cleaning up some dishes.

“Melanie met some boys yesterday. Their kinda famous, oh and one wants to go on a date with mel.

My eyes widened. I was about ready to push her on the ground. “Lila I TOLD you not to mention anything. Why do you have to be such a snitch?”

After saying that to her she slid to the ground with tears running down her face.

“Mom, I’m not going on a date.” I said as I began to calm down. “There was just a few guys that I’ve seen on tv that came up to meet me. I was going to ask you later if I could walk to the park to kinda…see them again.”

My chest started to beat fast when she looked at me for a long time. Dammit, I shouldn’t of said anything to her. I sighed and looked back at her. “mom I’m 16, I’m a good girl. I’m not having sex, I’ve never even had a boyfriend. Do you honestly think I’m gonna be up to no good?’

“Melanie, I trust you.” My mother said with sincerity. “I don’t trust these guys, they can change you.”

I frowned, deciding not to argue with her about it. “Ok mom. Well can you think about me going to the there? I won’t be in any trouble. I’m gonna go get ready for school. When do you start your new job??”

“I’m training Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And I will think about it hun. Go get ready.” She said.

A grin came across my face, even though I was tired of being treated like a child, I felt a little excited. I walked back upstairs to shower and get dressed.


30 minutes later:

I applied some blush and a little more liner to my eyes. I didn’t wanna overdress, but I also didn’t want to look ratchet.

I wore a grey top with jeans and toms. I loved to dress and look nice. And also, I thought to myself, If I dress really nice today no one will be making jokes of me for being new.

I took a few final glances in the mirror then walked downstairs. My dad was in his office that was inside our living room.

I gave him a good morning hug and we chatted just briefly.

“I’m nervous dad,” I whine. My breathing had gotten a little heavier.

“Melanie, sweety, You will be fine. I know you are a little softspoken, but you are beautiful, smart, and very generous.”

I sat there and thought. Next thing you know Ethan, my mom, and lila were going into the garage to leave. My mom told me it was time to go. I got up and gave my father a goodbye.

“You will be fine. Good luck.” We left home and started our way to palo.

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So nothing with melanie and ray ray has sparked yet in chapter 3. I just needed to kinda create a scenery of her life so people could get a visual idea of the story. Next chapter is all about ray! Lol.

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Chapter 2: Life in the Suburbs

Chapter 2

Life in the suburbs:

I stepped outside the airport with my bags as my dad pulled up with our rent-a-car. Our own car would be here in a few days along with our moving truck. The air was very moist and there were clouds hovering over us. We all put our stuff in the car and got in, and pulled out into the city.

“I wonder what the house is like,” said Ethan.

“Oh I think you guys will like it.” My mother said to us from the front seat.

“Yeah, I hope so.” I said under my breath as I gazed out the window. My dad hopped onto a freeway and we suddenly found ourselves on a road of hundreds of cars.

“Omg, we’re gonna be here all day.” I groaned. My dad turned on the radio and flipped through the stations until he came across an old school station that was playing some Al Green song.

“Aww, daddy… I don’t want to listen to this,” Whined Lila. “Can we listen to Justin Bieber or something?”

Without another word my mother flipped the station and my dad looked over at her, mad that his song was off. She finally found a station that was playing a song by Rihanna. Satisfied, Lila started to sing along.

I pulled out my phone and called Mea. On the second ring she picked up.

“Mel! Omg, are you there?” she yelled into the phone. I laughed. “Yeah Mea, I’m here. We’re on the highway though and the traffic is really slow.”

“Well it is 5:30 out there. It’s Rush hour. It’s busy like that in cities.”

“Oh. Well, Maybe you should’ve came out here instead of me. You’re more familiar with everything than I am.”

She giggled. “Aww, Melanie. You’ll adapt to it. Just hang in there. How was the flight?”

“Long, but it wasn’t too bad I guess.” I tried to brighten up a little.

“Cool. Well, you called me in the middle of dinner. Can I talk to you in a little?”

“Sure. I’m gonna call Shavon now.”

“K. Bye sis.”

“Bye.” I hung up then dialed Shavon’s number. She answered just as excited as Mea and I suddenly got lost in conversation with her.

 Before I knew it we had pulled off the freeway and were driving into a very large gated community. My dad punched in a code and we drove in. I was amazed. Every house we drove past was beautiful, and I couldn’t believe we were going to be living in one of them.

“These houses are on point.” My brother said, just as excited as I was to see ours.

We pulled up to our house, and a huge smile came across my face.



“We’re living here?” I said to my parents. They both smiled, feeling satisfied with my reaction. Before my dad could turn the car completely off me and my siblings hopped out of the car and ran to the building.

“Open it up!” Lila screamed. “I wanna see it, now!”

My dad walked up to the door and unlocked it and we all walked inside, amazed.

“Wow. I can’t believe this is our house! And everything is already furnished too,” I said, walking around. For the first time all day I truly felt excited. “Can I see my room? Oh, and my bathroom too?”

“Sure can, my dear,” my mom said as she began walking up the stairs. I followed behind her and we made a right when we got to the top. She opened a door and I looked inside.


“Wow… this is amazing mom. “ I gave her a hug. “Thanks…I’ve always wanted a room like this. Now all I need are my clothes, shoes, jewelry, and pictures,” I thought out loud. We had given all of our furniture to my grandmother, and had boxed up all things we really wanted to keep.

“Well it’ll all be here soon,” My mom told me. We all finished touring the house. I felt so happy to be living in a place like this. I loved our house back home, but this was something I never imagined myself living in.

After we finished looking at everything I walked back to my room and flopped on my bed. It was so comfy.

 I closed my eyes for a few seconds and before I knew it I was sleeping. It had been a long day.

The next day my father took me, Lila, and Ethan to register at the schools we’d be attending. Me and Ethan were going to a school called Palo High School. I could feel my stomach turning as I looked at my printed schedule for the rest of the year. I didn’t know who I’d be meeting, if anyone would like me, and who was going to be giving me a hard time as the new student. Ethan didn’t seem anxious at all though. But then again, of course he didn’t. He was a fearless person who took challenges head on.

When we got back home I sat in my room for a little while and watched TV. My favorite show, The Game was on. As much as everyone hated the new characters and seasons I remained a faithful fan. I laughed every now and then at the screen, while texting Mea. I was telling her how nervous I was about starting school tomorrow and she was trying really hard to keep me calm.

A few minutes later Lila walked in and sat on my bed. I smiled at her. “What’s up, Lila?”

“Oh nothing, I’m just really happy that we’re in Los Angeles.”

“You really like it, huh?” I asked her, genuinely interested.

“I do. This city is so huge,” She said to me.

“I know, it’s really beautiful…Hey how about we walk to the park and get familiar with the neighborhood?”

“Ooh, that would be fun!” I loved Lila’s enthusiasm about just about everything.

“Well go get your shoes. I’ll meet you downstairs,” I told her. She disappeared into the hallway and I applied a little deodorant then grabbed some sandals, my cell phone, and my keys. I turned off my TV and walked out of my room, shutting the door behind me. Downstairs Lila was waiting so I let my mother know where we were going. She gave us an okay and we went outside and started down the sidewalk that lead us to the park.

When we finally approached the area, I found 6 guys at the park’s basketball court. I stopped for half a second, falling deeply into shock. I grabbed Lila’s hand and walked to the swing set as fast as I could.

“Umm, Melanie why did we just practically run away from that basketball court?” Lila asked me in confusion after we got there. I couldn’t believe she didn’t see what I saw.

“Lila did you not realize who four of those guys were? They’re the boys from Mindless Behavior!”

Just as her mouth flew opened I covered it with my hand. “Lila, NO. Do not scream or else we will seriously go home. Promise me you won’t draw any attention to us.”

She nodded her head and I gave her a serious glare for a few seconds, and then let her mouth go.

“Oh my gosh,” She whispered, “I’m their biggest fan ever! Do you think they live in this community?”

“I don’t know. But I’m sure if they do they want privacy. They have enough girls obsessed with them across the country. They’d flip if they had groupies in their own neighborhood.”

“What’s Groupies?”

“Nothing, Lila. Let’s just stay over here. I’ll push you on the swing.”

She got on and I pushed her as she continued to beam with excitement over the fact that we were just a few yards away from Mindless Behavior. I, on the other hand, was a bit nervous. I was star shocked. I didn’t look there way at all, because I honestly didn’t want to draw any attention to myself.

“Hey Melanie, look at them. It seems like their looking this way.”

“I doubt it,” I said as I stared at the ground.

“Just look, Mel.”

I looked up and saw that Roc Royal and Ray Ray actually WERE looking at us. My whole body flushed and I put my head down once again, self cautious of them looking at me. Five minutes later, the two of them started my way. “Oh no” I thought to myself.

“I think we should go Lila.” I said as I grabbed her hand. We started walking away.

“But Melanie I don’t wanna go,” She whined to me.

“Hey!” Roc Royal shouted at me. I turned around and looked at them. My heart started beating really fast, I couldn’t believe who I was standing across from.

“Oh, hi.” I said shyly, as if I didn’t know they had walked over here. “You guys are in Mindless behavior right?” I asked them so they’d know that I knew who they were.

“We are,” Ray Ray said as he gave me a quick smile. I gave him a confused look so he wouldn’t know how flattered I was at that point.

“We saw you over here ignoring us. Most girls would’ve came up to us in seconds.” Roc explained to me.

“Oh, well yeah…I didn’t want to bug you guys. I don’t think it’s most fun thing.

“You’re right,” Ray Ray said. “So I see you know us already. What’s your name?” He asked me in a friendly way.

“It’s Melanie.” I said. I was starting to feel a little more comfortable now. “We just moved here yesterday. I wanted to let my sister get familiar with things a little bit. She’s excited to be here.”

They both looked at Lila and smiled. “Hi, I’m Lila. I’m Melanie’s sister. I’m your guys’ biggest fan. You guys are amazing. I love the way your songs-“

“Lila, please.” I groaned. Roc and Ray Ray started laughing but I was a little agitated. “Well welcome to the city. Our manager lives in this neighborhood, so all of us kick it here a lot. I’m sure you know who Princeton and Prodigy are. Those other two guys are the manager’s nephews. Hella cool.”

“Oh. Nice.“ I said, becoming a little nervous again. I didn’t know what to say. Ray Ray smiled at me for the second time. He was so handsome in person. Not that he looked bad on TV though. Suddenly there was an awkward silence between all of us, even Lila.

“Umm, I think me and Lila are gonna head home now. We start school tomorrow and I think we need to get ready for that.

“Oh. Okay, then.” Roc and Ray said to us.

“Nice meeting you guys,” I said as we started back to our house. Right before we stepped back onto the sidewalk I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around to see Ray Ray had followed me a little.

“Can you come here again tomorrow? At like the same time?” He asked. My face turned red again. “Yeah…sure. If my mom let’s me.” I told him.

“Ok, coo. Bye Melanie. Bye little miss Lila.”

“Bye.” We both said. I gave him a little smile as we walked away. As soon as we were out of their sight I pulled out my cell phone.

“Gotta tell Mea and Shavon about your new CRUSH?” Lila teased.

“Oh hush, “ I said. I really did send them both a message though.

ME: Three Way Call TONIGHT. I don’t know how I got this lucky already.



Thanks you guys for following my story. I’m going to post up a chapter in the next few days. I hope ya’ll like it!

Forever: A mindless behavior Fanfiction

I am writing a fan fiction story for mindless behavior, and it needs some views and feedback. If you’re bored and love MB then check out my story…It should be a good one :)! I will add to it after I get a few readers.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Life in the country was great. It was small, quiet, and I was well known by everyone in my town. My family and I lived in a comfy house with a huge front and back yard in a small town in Georgia. I had two best friends, Mea and Shavon, and we had been friends since the 1st grade. When I was 16 years old though, I got news that turned my whole world as I knew it upside down.

“I’m moving? We’re moving? Los Angeles? But…why?” I screeched in shock. My mom and dad had sat my little sister, my little brother, and me down at the dinner table after we had all gotten home from school one fall afternoon.

“Your mother was offered a new job at Smilez Corporate, and with me only working from home, we could really use the larger income right now,” My dad informed to the three of us. I looked over at my sister, Lila, who was beaming with joy. “So we’re moving to a city? And where they have a beach at? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, well I’m not.” I looked back at my parents. “Can’t you guys move when I graduate? I’m in the middle of having a life, and you guys are going to ruin it if we move across the country.”

“I’m sorry, Melanie, but we have to make this move. This job offer is going to pay your mother three times as much as she makes now. Wouldn’t you like to be able to afford more things?”

“No. I’m fine with the things I have right now. Didn’t you guys always tell us that money isn’t everything anyway?”

My mother sighed. “Look Mel, I know that this sounds like the worst thing you could ever experience in life, but it’s not. We’re moving into a two story house where you’ll have your own bathroom, and the high school you’ll be going to is one of the top rated in the country. They have a lot of extracurricular activities for their students.”

I wasn’t moved. “So a new bathroom and a few clubs to join is worth leaving my best friends and everyone else in my life?” I sat there for a moment. “I have an idea. How about I move in with Mea and you guys go without me?”

“No Melanie. We’re going as a family. Ethan, how do you feel about all of this?” My dad asked. He thought for a second and then responded.

“Well, I’m not looking forward to leaving my friends either. But I mean it probably won’t be too bad going to LA. I always did want to experience the city life.”

“Are you guys serious right now? So I’m the only one in this family who doesn’t want to move? Wow.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be bad Mel, it’ll be great actually.” Lila said to me. “No it won’t, Lila. You’re leaving grandma, aunt Brittany, and all your little friends at school. How is that great?” She sat in silence.

“I’m going to my room now, and I’m not coming out until school tomorrow.” I said as I stormed to my room and slammed the door. This was not happening to me.


The next day at school I sat at a table with Mea and Shavon at lunch as we all moped about my soon to be departure. “I mean this just sucks for me, I’m two years away from graduating and then suddenly they want to make this big move. Why do they insist on torturing me? Tyler was just going to ask me out too. I just know he was.”

“I mean look at the bright side though, Mel. You get to live in a town filled with celebrities. Who knows who you’ll run into. Maybe you’ll even wind up with a famous boyfriend and forget all about Tyler.” Shavon said to me.

I laughed. “wow, you really think I’m going to meet someone famous and date them? Ok.”

“You never know,” said Shavon. As much as I didn’t want to admit to myself, I gained a teensy bit of excitement about this move. LA was swirming with celebs and it would be the best thing ever to become friends with some of them. But that still didn’t make me happy about leaving my friends behind.

“Look you guys, the three of us have been invincible since 1st grade. I don’t want that to end.”

“We won’t be together forever, Melanie. In two years we’ll all be in college anyways.” Mea said. “True,” I sighed. The lunch bell rang, and it was time for us to go back to class. I grabbed my books and walked alongside with Mea and Shavon out of the cafeteria and into the hallway. Our trio would soon only be a duo and I could do nothing to change it.


1 week later: I watched some professional movers take the last few things out of my room to put in the truck that would arrive in LA in three days. I had been crying all morning, and now that my room was completely empty I began to sob some more. This move was a reality now and I was dreading it. I walked into the kitchen where Lila and Ethan were eating the last of the cake from our going away party we had the day before at a park. “Want some?” said Lila. “No thanks.” I mumbled.

My mother walked in and gave me a hug. “Melanie, I just wanted to tell you I’m very proud of you for being so mature about this move. I know it was hard when you first found out, but these past few days you’ve been very strong.”

“Oh, so crying makes me strong?” I said. She smiled. “Sweety, it’s going to hurt and I know that. But you haven’t been giving me and your dad any problems and we appreciate that.”

“Well, I guess I have to be a big girl right?” I said as I looked at her.

“Alright. Everybody ready for this move?” My dad said as he walked into the kitchen. He had to be the most excited out of all of us. “I am!” Lila said as she ran into my father’s arms. Well, maybe Lila was the most excited.

“We need to get to the airport in the next hour, so grandma will be here soon.” My dad told us. “Ok.” We all told him.

Suddenly the doorbell rung and I offered to get it. “Who is it?” I said to the other side of the door.

“It’s Mea and Shavon. Open up!” I grinned and quickly open the door. I stepped outside and hugged them both really hard.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought we already said our goodbyes yesterday” I said to them. “Mel, you know we were not gonna let you go without seeing you on your very last day here.” Mea said to me. “Yeah,” said Shavon. “We just want you to know we love you with all our hearts. You’re our sister and that will never change. We got you something.”

“Aww, the perfume set and diary was enough you guys.” I said.

“Well we wanted to surprise you with this.” Shavon pulled out a silver diamond studded bracelet that had all our initials engraved on it: M, S, and M. Friends for Ever.

“It’s beautiful.” I said as I wiped another tear from my face. I put it on as my grandmother pulled in the driveway and blew the horn. “Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Mea said to me. I hugged them one last time as my family all started coming outside with their packed suitcases.

“Time to go, Melanie. Go get your suitcase.” Ethan said to me. “Bye you guys.” I said to Mea and Shavon.” “Bye Mel.” They said back and then walked to Mea’s car and started it. “Call us as soon as you get to LA!” Shavon yelled out the window. “Ok!” I yelled back, and they were gone. I went into the house and got my suitcase and carry on and went to my grandmother’s SUV. My dad locked up the house and we all loaded the car and left. My new life was about to begin.

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